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Trucking accidents are very different than that of your normal car accident. Commercial trucks travel at completely different speeds than your average vehicle and need much more space to maneuver. Getting in an accident with one of these trucks can cause serious car damage, injury, and even death. It is important to ensure that your rights are protected. We are able to pursue and investigate your case and guarantee you get the maximum compensation you deserve for you or your loved one.

With years of experience in this type of law, we understand all of the factors that must be considered for someone who has been involved in a commercial truck accident. It is important to choose an attorney that has had experience in this specific type of accident law, as opposed to an average car accident attorney. We can help you understand the ins and outs of what must be done in order to receive justice for your situation.

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Some Facts About Truck Accidents

There are many factors that can be the cause of a commercial truck accident. More so than with your average vehicle, it is important that the driver has an extensive knowledge and possess the proper licensing in order to operate this type of vehicle. Hiring an attorney can help save you from the financial, physical, and/or emotional trauma you may have endured from your accident. With many firms, you are just a number. We guarantee that fighting for you and your rights will be our top priority and main focus.

Here are some factors that might contribute to a commercial trucking accident:

Brake issues – It is important that a commercial vehicle is properly checked and meets all of the necessary requirements before being able to transport commodities. Commercial trucks need ample time and space to stop as they are much larger than your average vehicle and take some time to maneuver. It is important that if you see a commercial truck, you respect the space they need and give them the appropriate time to stop or merge lanes. Speeding up or not letting a commercial truck merge can be extremely dangerous so it is important to practice patience when a truck is driving near you.

Traffic issues – Traffic flow can also be a prime cause of truck-related accidents. Not giving yourself enough time to stop when behind a commercial truck can be extremely dangerous. Rear ending a commercial truck, dependent upon the size of your vehicle, can cause you to slide completely under the truck, resulting in lifelong injury, totaling of your car, and even death.

Sobriety – Commercial truck drivers must work very long hours and sometimes even survive on nights without sleep. There have been many cases of commercial truck drivers using prescription drugs to stay awake or even being under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol. The risk of injury or death when driving under the influence is already high but when you are operating a huge machine like a commercial truck, the rate is much higher. If you see a commercial truck driver driving erratically, it is important to contact your local police station immediately and to stay a safe distance away.


Roadway confusion – Commercial truck drivers have to transport numerous items and make many stops to deliver these items. This could be within the same state or even transporting commodities to another state entirely. Usually, these drivers are well briefed and prepared for these situations but there are times when unfamiliarity with directions or the roadway can be a cause for danger. If a truck driver looks down at his phone for directions for even a second or looks away to do or grab something, they are running the risk of hitting another vehicle in front of them and severely damaging a car or injuring an individual. It is important, especially when operating a commercial truck, to be attentive at all times and to pull off the road if feeling fatigued or after driving for too many hours. Truck drivers have a certain number of hours they are allotted to spend on the road and must take mandatory rest breaks before being able to return to the road.

Construction issues – Lane closures and construction issues can be a prime cause of commercial truck accidents. As a truck needs more space and time to maneuver, in construction zones this can create for issues having enough space to merge, the ability to see another vehicle in a truck’s rearview mirror, and having enough time to stop. Respecting the space and always allowing trucks to merge as needed can help prevent an accident, as well as potentially save your life.

Fatigue – One of the most common issues with truck-related accidents is fatigue. Although commercial truck drivers are required to adhere to certain rules and regulations for spending hours on the road, oftentimes these rules are not adequately followed. Commercial truck drivers often must make overnight trips resulting in inadequate sleep patterns. Studies show that operating a vehicle while being extremely fatigued can cause symptoms as if being under the influence. It is important when operating a vehicle of any kind to be adequately rested, to ensure the safety of other drivers around you.

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Truck Accident Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I was injured in a commercial truck accident. How much compensation could I potentially receive?
The settlement amount for a trucking-related accident varies from case to case. The amount of compensation received depends on the severity of the injury sustained, damages to the vehicle, and the emotional and financial suffering the accident has caused the victim. Once a settlement amount is determined, this provides compensation for any vehicle damages, hospital bills, as well as any court-related fees if your case was brought to court. There have been many truck-related cases that have resulted in compensation of over one million dollars. Again, the compensation amount will depend on the severity of the case and damages caused.
Are there any other hidden fees I should be aware of after hiring a truck accident attorney?
Besides the attorney fee, there will also be court-related fees if your case is brought to court, along with investigation fees. It is important that we look into all aspects of your case in order to build strong evidence and get you the maximum compensation you deserve.
Do I have to hire a truck accident attorney, or can I just hire a car accident attorney?
It is important if you were involved in a trucking accident to hire a truck accident attorney. We specialize in these specific types of accidents and know what contingencies to look for. It is important to choose an attorney that understands the nuances for these types of cases, has had extensive experience under their belt and a high success rate, as well as someone you can trust and feel comfortable with to guide you through the process. It is advised to contact an attorney as quickly as possible if you are involved in a trucking-related accident.
How fault determined in a commercial truck accident?
The way that fault is determined will depend on a few factors. We will need to look into the experience of the driver, the extent of the injuries, and look into the police report to know what caused the accident and to help you build your case. At the scene, a police officer will indicate all of the details of what took place and if the accident was a result of negligence on behalf of the driver. A few things we will look for are the training and licensing of the commercial truck driver, how many hours they had been on the road when the accident occurred, along with the condition of the truck itself.
Who is liable in a commercial truck accident?
Dependent upon the case, usually both the driver and the commercial truck company are held liable in a trucking-related accident. A commercial truck company represents the drivers that work for them. Usually, when these types of accidents occur commercial truck companies will claim that it was the fault of the driver and they have no ties to the driver and/or the vehicle involved. We work to mediate the situation and speak on behalf of you to accurately determine who is liable for your damages and/or injuries.
How long does a commercial truck accident lawsuit take?
The amount of time it takes to settle a commercial truck lawsuit depends on many different factors. Your attorney will need to investigate who is liable for the accident, look into any medical bills or hospital stays that were involved, the extent of the injuries or damages, and look into all evidence to help to strongly build your case. Often, this can take up to a year or even a few years. It is important to have patience and trust your attorney to help you receive maximum compensation and justice for any damages emotionally, physically, and financially that may have been caused to you.
I’ve been in a commercial trucking accident; how soon do I need to file a claim?
It is advised to file and contact an attorney as soon as you are involved in an accident. Most states have a deadline for how long you can wait and once that window expires, you can no longer file for a lawsuit. It is important to handle a trucking accident as quickly as possible in order to be awarded the maximum compensation you deserve for your situation. Research your local laws on how long your window is for filing for a lawsuit. Some states have a two-year window, others can be less or longer. These deadlines usually start the exact date that the crash has taken place. 
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