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How much will a lawyer or law firm cost me?

We understand that legal expenses can be confusing and sometimes intimidating. To better inform potential clients, initial consultation about your case is free with our associated lawyers. Once you decide to fully proceed with your case, you can discuss costs and payment arrangements with your lawyer and move forward knowing exactly what to expect and how to proceed.

What is the process in hiring a lawyer?

Speaking with an attorney is as simple as filling out a form and making a phone call. Our contact center will assist you in connecting with an associated lawyer that best fits your region of the country and the specific needs of your case. It's important to find a lawyer with experience and understanding regarding your situation, this is why Lawyer One provides exclusivity arrangements with the best attorneys throughout the United States for their respective case type and geographic coverage.

Once Lawyer One connects you to the ideal attorney, you can then discuss with them the details of your case and together determine a course of action. Depending on your situation there are a variety of options that may be implmented ranging from settlement discussions to traditional court proceedings. These details are best determined between you and your lawyer.

How long will my case take?

This is a frequent yet difficult question to answer. The truth is, every case is different and many factors play into the amount of time it takes to resolve a case. Lawyer One and our associated lawyers and law firms try our best to make the process as convenient as possible for clients by providing free initial consultation and clear information regarding the legal proceedings. Each situation is judged on a case by case basis so in some circumstances your legal inquiry may be resolved in days while others may take longer.

What is Lawyer One?

Lawyer One works exclusively with lawyers and firms throughout the United States covering different case types and operating within specific regions of the country. Our job is to help potential clients, possibly someone such as yourself, connect with the best quality attorney or firm in your area that specifically specializes in the type of case your presenting. Unlike many other businesses, we do not work with any lawyer or firm, instead we qualify attorneys based on their history, location, and specialty, and we work exclusively with that individual or firm within that area and case type.

The legal profession can be challenging at times and often the best attorneys are some of the worst at marketing their services. We've seen situations where a class action lawsuit has completely enveloped the resources and time at a law firm with little room for things such as marketing and online interaction while the case is underway. This is where Lawyer One can help. We act as a consistent partner with our associated lawyers and law firms by maintaining their active online presense, helping them communicate with current and potential clients, and bringing them relevant new cases when their schedules are clear and they are able to take on more work.

How can I check up on my case?

In most situations you will communicate directly with your lawyer to learn of the status of your case. Legal proceedings can be very specific and often require a great deal of documentation and communication. In some situations Lawyer One provides proprietary online tools that can be accessed via a web browser or with your mobile phone. These tools typically provide a convenient way for both lawyers and their clients to view case details, notes and access documents, all secured behind our military-grade encryption.

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