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Lawyer One attorneys have decades of experience and make their client’s trust a top priority. Offering 24-hour service, we not only fight for your rights, but are here to answer all of your questions, when you need them answered. Our attorneys fight to get their clients the results they want, when they want them. Whether it’s personal injury, business, criminal or divorce, we cover a variety of legal areas, so you won’t be left scouring the Internet looking for someone to represent you and your case.

Our attorneys practice law nationwide. We understand that each state varies with their legal protocols. From Houston, to Las Vegas, to Austin and many more, no matter where you live, you will always have an attorney to help you in accordance with your state’s laws. Did you know that each state has its own laws in accordance with divorce? Some require you to get a separation before being able to go through with the process of divorce. Without a legal background, many do not know the steps they need to go through when it comes to your case. We carefully take the time to walk you through not only your state’s laws but guide you through every step of the process. If you’ve been injured in a personal injury case, we not only offer you a free consultation, but you only pay if you win. Our attorneys strive off of fairness, gaining your trust and meeting all of your family’s legal needs is always our end goal.

No matter what you are facing, our attorneys have all of the resources to help you fight your case and get the justice you deserve. Here are some of the services we can offer you:

Free Consultations – When you are faced with the prospect of going to court, there are many legal fees that can be incurred. We offer free consultations to ensure that you feel comfortable with the attorney assigned to potentially handle your case.

Document preparation – With any case, it is important to have the proper documentation to ensure that you are always protected. If you do not have a signed document that addresses all of the needs and issues surrounding your case, you may be faced with conflict down the line. We know that complex legal jargon can be confusing to understand for the average individual. We take the time to thoroughly review your case and take over the document process for you. Through research into state laws, along with taking the time to sit down with you and/or your family and address all of your needs, we take the time to document every detail to ensure that your rights are protected. We know that life can change on a daily basis. That’s why we also offer editing services to ensure that even if life changes, you are still always legally protected.

Reviewing documents and contracts – Whether it’s a new employment opportunity, divorce paperwork, or business contracts, it is important to understand that everything you sign can come with repercussions. Hiring an attorney to review and explain any of your legal paperwork can help ensure that you legally protected, along with take the burden off of your shoulders.

Mediation – When the prospect of going to court becomes involved, emotions can be heightened, especially when it comes to matters of the family. Having an unbiased party to speak on your behalf is extremely beneficial when it comes to legalities. Our attorneys can effectively mediate between other parties and opposing attorneys to ensure that all of your needs are expressed in the best possible way. Through mediation, your attorney can guide both parties towards a resolution that works for everyone involved. Mediation is usually done through the process of posing potential agreements, count offers, and proposals. Legal documentation in which both parties sign off is usually needed for this process.

Courtroom representation – When faced with having to go to court, it is important to have an attorney who knows all of the aspects of your case. Our attorneys will work with you to gather evidence, conduct interviews, and build the best possible case to win.

A Range of Practice Areas

Personal Injury – Our personal injury attorneys can help to fight for maximum compensation if you have been injured physically or psychologically. Physical injury cases are typically a result of negligence on behalf of another party. This can be in the case of a car accident, DUI, workplace injury, etc.

Business – A business attorney can help to guide you through all of your business questions and conflicts you may be facing. This can be in the form of business contracts, assisting in breach of contract, mergers, etc.

Bankruptcy – If you have run into financial struggles and cannot pay your debts, the process of bankruptcy involved petitioning the courts to have debts discharged or seeking an arrangement. Your attorney can assist in financial review and help create a map out to ensure that your case is approved by the courts.

Entertainment – If you have a career in entertainment, it is important to make sure that all of your rights are protected in all of your business proceedings. Our attorneys will go through all of your potential acting or music contracts and ensure that everything is handled fairly on your behalf.

Real Estate – Buying a new home can be a daunting task. It is important to cross every “T” and dot every “I” so that you are adequately protected financially, or you could be faced with having to pay fees and damage costs that were never at your expense to begin with.

Immigration – Immigration law refers to the laws regarding immigration and deportation from the country. If you are faced with an immigration case, your attorney will be able to inform you of state and national laws so that you are granted the right of entry or exit.

Tax – Tax law for the average individual can prove to be extremely complex. If you are not aware of tax limitations and basic tax proceedings, you could be faced with potential tax fraud. The government takes taxing matters very seriously, so it is imperative that all tax proceedings are handled accurately.

Education – Education law covers all legalities regarding students, teachers, as well as the school board. Education law’s prime focus is ensuring that every student and their family are protected.

Criminal – Being faced with a criminal charge can pose an extreme threat to many aspects of life. This can include threats to potential business, driving records, along with much more. Criminal law encompasses any crime committed which can be endangering to the life of another.

Environment – Environmental law works to protect the environment as its main focus. It works to keep regulations in order to ensure that natural resources such as parks, forests, minerals, etc. are free from any threat of damage.

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