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In these uncertain times it is important to protect your business and to leverage the programs and coverage that your state/federal government and business insurance coverage provide. This can be a difficult challenge as many businesses are going through a similar situation and many unfortunate stories are emerging regarding misinformation or miscommunication between the businesses and other parties.

Don't get caught off guard during this difficult process. We can assist you by matching you with our local business interruption attorney who will protect your interests and guide you through all of the required steps necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.

If you or someone you know has a business that has been affected by interruptions from physical damage or nation-wide events such as the Covid-19 outbreak, do no hesitate to contact us. Your initial consultation is free so call us to determine if we can help protect the business from further losses.

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In many ways we are seeing unprecedented court filings and debates across the country regarding the role of the state and the role of insurance companies in situations where businesses are forced to close down as a whole for the good of public health. The outcomes are not always clear as the language of many insurance policies often describe qualified business interruption claims as needing "physical loss". It's also difficult to parse out the governments responsibility to businesses when it is the very government policies that are directly responsible for these mandatory closures.

This is where an organization like Lawyer One can step in and help. We work with individual lawyers in your area that have experience dealing with these exact situations. An attorney is needed who is up-to-date with the latest local rulings and one who can argue the merits of your claim in order to maximize results. You especially should have a lawyer who has the capability to fight on your behalf if you run into a challenge such as an insurer who issues blanket denials, someone to walk you through confusing government processes, and representation that can assist in weaving through the labrinth of available funds available for relief to businesses in your region of the country.

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Jarrett L. Ellzey Attorney at Law
Ellzey & Associates, PLLC
Houston, TX
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Business Interruption Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Does Covid-19 qualify as a business interruption?
This is a heavily debated issue at the moment as many insurers are pushing back claiming business interruption coverage is for "physical loss" which is not applicable for something such as Covid-19. The results have so far been mixed with many insurers and businesses having to come to the table and negotiate a reasonable settlement. This is why an attorney can be crucial during this process as the situation can sometimes become contentious, confusing and possibly require negotiation at certain stages. Understandably, these occurances can take a tole on a business owner who is just looking to keep their business going and re-coup reasonable losses.
What is a business interruption claim?
A business interruption claim is typically a claim to a business insurance provider requesting funds to re-coup losses amounted from a qualifying business interruption event.
How many businesses file these claims?
Business interruption insurance is common for many businesses and in some cases may be mandatory. The American Property and Casualty Insurance Association estimates that recent events are costing businesses with fewer than 500 employees in the country an estimated $393 to $668 billion per month so you are not in a unique situation. Thousands of business interruption claims are being filed as more and more businesses are affected by this national crisis.

What states support business interruption claims?

Every state supports business interruption claims from valid insurance providers. In regards to Covid-19 this is a more difficult matter as the validity of the claim is still being worked out amongst our government branches. What started out being a judicial issue has moved into our legislative branch with multiple bills being introduced at the state and federal level. As of mid 2020, eight states have introduced bills to clarify the handling of Covid-19 as it pertains to business interruption claims. The executive branch has also made remarks on the matter in support of business claims looking for compensation due to Covid-19 interruption.

For now the landscape is very foggy with many passionate advocates debating the issue on every side of the table. It is extremely important for business owners looking to file a claim to have a full grasp of the situation and to maintain consistent attention on the evolving opportunities and challenges arising due to judgements and new legislation.

How can Congress help?

We've already witnessed the nation's largest economic stimulus flow into many of the country's largest institutions and some to help individuals. Small business stimulus has occured in pockets of the United States and we are likely to see federal action taken to help small businesses in the future during these difficult times.

Congress has the power to implement sweeping changes whether it be from legislating long term payment plans, debt foregiveness, claim compensation or tax deductions. At this time it's difficult to predict exactly what will come around the corner. If you need an attorney who can keep you informed and navigate the business interruption claim waters please consider contacting Lawyer One so we can match you with the best lawyer available for your claim.

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