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Lawyer One covers a variety of business case types.

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Business Formation

Here at Lawyer One, our top priority is getting you the help you need without the hassle. We understand that each business comes to us with a unique set of needs and our skilled attorneys will help to address them.

Contracts & Negotiations

Whether you are a start-up coming or a large corporation, a contract attorney can guide you through the process of all contract legalities. Understanding all of the necessities that must go into a contract, along with understanding the complexities of all of the legal jargon included in a business contract can be a complex process. We take the stress of contract planning off of your plate and handle all of the drafting, revisions, and any negotiations.

Employment Law

Employment law regulates the relationships between employers and employees and covers thousands of federal and state statutes. The laws set forth protect the proper handling between employers and employees. Lawyer One has a wide arrange of lawyers who are qualified to help you with any of your needs surrounding employment law.

Corporate Litigation

Corporate litigation is legal action taken against a business or corporation. Litigation lawyers handle every part from the initial investigation, pleadings, the pre-trial process, settlement, and potential appeal procedures.

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