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Public Relations

Lawyer One provides consulting and marketing services to lawyers and law firms throughout the United States. Part of our responsibilities include public relations on behalf of specific cases or individuals when requested. Our role is typically to help those in the media or influential individuals in social media better understand specific situations or processes that can sometimes be confusing to those not familiar with the US court system or legal proceedings.

If you are a member of the media or a social media influencer who needs a better understanding of a case that Lawyer One is associated with or a Lawyer One associate is involved with, please contact us at the contact information provided at the bottom of this page to get assistance with your inquiry. We are happy to help with or discuss most matters that do infringe upon the attorney client confidentiality of our lawyer or law firm customers.

If you are inquiring about obtaining a written or broadcasted interview with a Lawyer One representative or associated lawyer, please contact us as we specialize in producing relevant media on behalf of the legal space in order to better inform the public and potential clients.

Social Media Collaborations

Lawyer One is focused on bringing our clients cutting-edge marketing and technological advantages to help them reach a large audience. We especially love new and creative marketing techniques in the social media space. If you have a creative idea or general interest in connecting with us about a collaboration please contact us.

Blog Posts

EPA May Upend Decades of Asbestos Science

Without knowing the actual scientific studies behind asbestos, it is hard for the average individual to really know how high their risk is of getting sick. Dependent upon the situation and company involved when it comes to asbestos exposure, an individual might also qualify for financial compensation. If the exposure occurred in the workplace, this could be an instance that financial compensation or assistance might be awarded to those exposed. 

Virtual Court Hearings May Change the Game

Due to the Covid-19, virtual hearings have begun being offered for some court cases to lower the risk of transmission. However, this is not exactly effective for all. Depending on the severity of a case, this leaves some at an unfortunate drawback.

What Does the Public Think of Lawsuits?

Dependent on the situation at hand, it is difficult not to develop a personal opinion in any lawsuit or on the overall scope of lawsuits in general. One can’t help but invest themselves personally in the situation at hand and ask questions such as, “Is this really necessary?” or “What would I do if I was in this person or company’s position?”

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