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Beaumont Bankruptcy

Our law firm understands that bankruptcy can become stressful and overwhelming which can make decision making involved in this process more difficult to do. These financial difficulties can happen to anyone at any time, as there are so many ways a person might end up reaching bankruptcy. One situation can lead to an out of control spiral quickly. Bankruptcy lawyers are here to alleviate this awful stress and lead you to a fresh new start. If you are thinking about, or currently struggling with a bankruptcy, call our Texas law firm for a free consultation. You do not have to handle your bankruptcy alone; bankruptcy lawyers are here to assist you in every step of the process.

It is important to understand before filing for bankruptcy that it is a complex legal process that can quickly become confusing if you are not familiar with Texas laws regarding bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney will ensure you are staying protected.

Types of Bankruptcy in Beaumont, Texas

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This type of bankruptcy is ideal for those with a large amount of debt. A chapter 7 bankruptcy does not require a repayment plan, a debtor has someone who is responsible for all the nonexempt assets and selling them. The money from selling these assets are given out to the creditors. The person filing will not have to pay any of the remaining debts and may keep their exempted assets. A person may qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy when they pass the means test. This test goes through and reviews all of the areas of your income to ensure that you are below the average income of your state, Texas. If you find that you are below this average income of your state, chapter 7 Bankruptcy is most likely what you are qualified for. This begins with filing a petition with bankruptcy court and when this done, it should end all attempts of debt collection towards you. The amount of time this process of chapter 7 bankruptcy takes will be vary but on average it takes about four months to compete. Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy allows a person to walk away from their debt and to begin financially with a fresh start. As said before, you will also be ending all attempts of collectors trying to contact you for payment. If you have further questions regarding this process, our firm would be happy to answer them during your free consultation. If you are still on the fence about filing for bankruptcy, make sure you have had all your questions answered as this is a complicated and long process you will need to be prepared for. Your lawyer will guide you in the best possible direction.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This type of bankruptcy allows for people and small businesses that are in debt to receive a bankruptcy protection and not have to lose their assets. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also often referred to as “reorganization” or the “wage earners plan” bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy is the most common among those who are looking to avoid home foreclosure. Debtors create a plan a fraction of their debt over the span of up to five years. When this plan has come to end, the remaining debt this person or small business will be removed.

To qualify for a chapter 13 bankruptcy, an online or by the phone credit counseling program approved by the court. Documentation must be submitted detailing your current finances that includes all of your debts, all of your assets, your current income, expenses, and other information. A repayment plan must also be made and submitted by the person filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy. This plan needs to specify how much you are paying to the collector and how frequently. A bankruptcy lawyer can assist you in creating an appropriate repayment plan that works best for you. Once this payment plan has been established and submitted, the reaming amount of debt will be removed. Ask a bankruptcy attorney upon consultation if you are eligible for this plan.

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What a Beaumont bankruptcy attorney can do for you

Bankruptcy attorneys have the skills necessary to handle your case as bankruptcy cases can become complicated quickly and involve several steps. How difficult your case will be will depend on the specific facts, which type of bankruptcy you are filing for, whether a trustee will be selling any of your assets, or if you own a business. You will know that the advice being given by this person is the best you will find as they are a professional in this field and having the experience to properly represent and guide you throughout the case. The attorney will be able to inform you which type of bankruptcy will work best for you and your situation and goals, they can tell you what you can expect throughout the process of bankruptcy and if your particular case will involve any risks and further difficulties.

Your bankruptcy attorney will also file all of your necessary paperwork that involves this case. Filing for bankruptcy will require you to fill out packets of forms and the attorney will have the software that will file this paperwork with the court. They will use all of your financial information which includes things like your income, expenses, assets and debt, to prepare official forms for bankruptcy and go over this paperwork with you to ensure that no errors have been made. Delays in the bankruptcy process, dismissing of your case, and other problems are present when you do not have a bankruptcy attorney.

You will also be represented at your hearings by your bankruptcy attorney. They will advise of everything you need to say or do at these hearings before you attend. Common types of hearings your attorney will be representing you at are, Chapter 13 confirmation hearings, chapter 7 confirmation hearings and other hearings filed by the trustees, creditors, or you.

Receive the legal representation and guidance you need during these hard times. Our Beaumont law firm wants to ensure that individuals and businesses stay protected during their bankruptcy and that they are making the best decisions involving their company or finances moving forward. Call us a free consultation and see what we can do for your bankruptcy case.

Areas a Beaumont bankruptcy attorney can assist in:

If you are finding yourself close to or already in debt, it is strongly advised that you speak with a bankruptcy attorney so that may inform you what your best choices moving forward may be. Speak to an attorney and schedule a free consultation if you are wishing to meet with a bankruptcy attorney regarding the following areas:

  • Foreclosure
  • Repossession
  • Lawsuits
  • Tax issues
  • Overwhelming credit card debt.
  • Having difficulty paying the monthly bills on time or completely.

You do not need to handle this stressful time alone; bankruptcy lawyers are here to help keep you protected as well as assisting you back to a clear slate.

Beaumont Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What property can I keep in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are able to keep all property that is exempt from creditor’s claims. When determining if your property is exempt, you must keep in mind that the value of it is not the amount you paid for, it is the amount that the property is worth today. This especially the case for things such as automobiles and furniture, their value will be substantially lower than what you have originally purchased it for. Have your bankruptcy attorney look over the equity is your properties. What is also important to remember is that your exemptions do not take away the rights of a creditor to take this property to cover your debt. Ask a bankruptcy attorney for details that surround your case regarding this.
What debts are not cleared with bankruptcy?
For the most part, once you have filed either bankruptcies or established any necessary plans, the remaining portions of your debt will be wiped clear. However, this do not include absolutely all the debt you had before filing for bankruptcy. Ensure you understand exactly which debts are being taken care on upon bankruptcy with your attorney. Some debts that will not be cleared after filing for either bankruptcy include, possible money that is owed for child support or alimony, debts that were not listed in the bankruptcy petition, loans that were obtained by giving out false information to a creditor, student loans that are owed, or mortgages that are not being paid in the bankruptcy case. If the property is sold by the creditor however, this will then wipe out your obligation to pay the remaining amount that is owed to the creditor after selling. Anything that is not included in your bankruptcy paperwork will not be protected that is why it is important to give a bankruptcy attorney involved in your case to ensure paperwork is being properly filled out to avoid a situation like this.
Will I have to attend court?
Most bankruptcy cases are brought to proceedings that are referred to as “meeting of creditors” where you will meet a bankruptcy trustee and any creditor that comes to this proceeding. During this simple and fairly quick procedure, you are being asked questions about your forms and the financial situation that you are currently in. In some cases, complications do arise and/or you might wish to dispute a debt with the creditor. If this becomes this case, you may need to appear in front of a judge at a hearing. Your bankruptcy lawyer will be able to represent you during these hearings. You will receive notice of your court date including the date and time, from the court or your attorney.
Is this bankruptcy going to affect my credit it anyway?
Bankruptcy cannot make your credit any worse than it already may be from being behind on your bills that have led to this bankruptcy. It will be documented and shown on your credit that you have filed for this bankruptcy, but it is not going to lower your score any. This will stay on your credit for 10 years. Something you should work heavily on after going through a bankruptcy is your credit score, if you have missed enough payments to warrant your attorney telling you bankruptcy is the best option your credit will have a bad score. The good news is, bankruptcy clears your remaining amount of debt, so you are in a far better position to build your credit than you were before the bankruptcy. This fresh start should allow you to get your credit to a healthy score as your bills are paid on time.
How long does it take after filing for bankruptcy for the creditors to stop attempting to contact me in Texas?
All attempts of collecting debt after the creditor is made aware of a filing for bankruptcy protection must stop. Once you have filed the petition, the court sends a notice to all the creditors after you for debt collection and upon receiving this any attempts of contact must be ended immediately. This process may take a few weeks however, if you tell them that you have already filed a bankruptcy petition and they will stop attempting to collect from you. It may be wise in some cases to have your attorney handle this part for you and contact the creditors right away after filing for bankruptcy. If you find that your creditors are not ending their attempts to collect debt from you after they have already been made fully aware of you filing a bankruptcy petition, they can be held liable in court as this is not allowed from the creditors. If you are finding any issues with getting creditors off your back or feel as though they are not following laws of the state, inform your attorney immediately. Do not attempt to handle anything that involves your debt or case with these creditors. Inform your attorney and avoid any contact with these creditors outside of court or meetings.

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